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How do you like Kuwait?

18 May

I cannot count how many times this question has been asked. At first, I would answer politely with a smile. “The food is really good! And there is so many different people and cultures here!”

I have been AWOL for the past month or so because …to put it in lame man’s terms…it’s been shitty.

It really started with a “baby shower” aka Look at how much fucking money I have! SHOW CASE *throws glitter*

Women were being completely rude by American and Kuwaiti standards. “What is she?” They made me feel like shit because I wasn’t like them. They made me uncomfortable because I wasn’t wearing a pound of gold around my neck, or had a diamond the size of my eyeball on my finger. I was pissed because I was in a room full of shallow humans beings who were wearing enough money to feed a small country for years. I talked with women who were confused as to why I worked, who were confused as to why I had a bachelors degree. I couldn’t even mention my masters. I went to a baby shower to celebrate new life…and I didn’t even see the baby. I saw a waste of life instead.

Next, the blatant racism. It’s everywhere. The worst part is everyone is used to it! To them it’s normal.

I can feel this turning into a list…

I just read an article asking students to report any classmate that may be gay so they can get “proper treatment”. What the fuck?! It was in the newspaper! And it distinctly stated “They are not supporting any homosexual activities.” I knew before I came here that they are not openly supportive, it was more like “don’t ask don’t tell”. So seeing it published in a paper was over the edge.

Next, I have yet to hear ANYONE say “thank you” to servers or cashiers. (besides Meshari) But the looks we get from them when we say thank you, it’s like we turned green.

Next, it’s Kuwait they can afford to pay their workers a decent living wage. They choose not to.

It’s a fucking shit show.

OH Copyright…yeah that doesn’t matter here. Steal whatever you want. It’s disgusting.

In short, how do I like Kuwait?

I don’t.




Hello Racism…

16 Sep

I wasn’t worried about it until I read this, this morning….

Hello Miss America, Congratulations!  

I’m white in a dominate white culture.

Yet, I wont be for long… there are no promises that this wont happen to me in one form or another while I’m in Kuwait. However people are people. Some people are awesome. Others are asshats.

Being white, I have seen racism, I have fought against it, yet I have never been the target.

Come what may, I just hope I have the grace to respond appropriately.