Take the bull by the horns.

19 Mar

I am so excited and nervous I’m feel like I’m going to blow chunks! (throw up, vomit, etc)

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. Meshari and I did nothing special because money is tight and a wedding is happening so everyone is running around with their heads cut off. Plus I had two meeting, plus normal designing work to catch up on. So we are pushing my birthday back to April 18th, gifts, small party what have you.

But the most exciting/stressful nervous thing is….I am in the works of starting up my own design studio. That was what my first meeting was about. And while writing this post, I have gotten three phone calls, a dozen texts and what looks like our first client and we haven’t even established our own branding yet!

This is so overwhelming, the cart is way ahead of the horse! But I’m excited and want to keep this ball rolling!

I have so much work to do!


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