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30 Nov


I have had a few days to think about the events of this year’s Thanksgiving/Turkey Genocide Day.

Firstly, My sister wasn’t in attendance. She works at a bar and couldn’t take it off. (The night before is one of the biggest drinking nights of the year, think mini new years.) Meshari was missing everything and everyone. We were sending him pictures of his nieces, the turkeys, pie, dominos…pretty much “Hey! We are having a wonderful time without you!” I felt really bad about the whole situation.

My uncle had been harassing me, the good play harassing, about owing him mac&cheese. For our wedding, for a more american dish I asked for smoked gouda mac&cheese. (The food at our wedding was so freaking fantastic! We had Kuwaiti dishes and American classics, and in some cases we mixed American and Kuwaiti to form these food yum wow hybrids.) Either way it was a massive amount of work, all of which my uncle experimented with. In turn, I experimented with my Dad’s homemade mac&cheese recipe. (Sharp Chedder in a butter roux sauce, baked) I used smoked gouda, sharp cheddar and hot habanero. It was a hit! More of it was gone than the green bean casserole! So I know it was good!


However, I couldn’t help myself from thinking, would Meshari like it? I think he would, he loves spicy foods. Yet, I still wondered and thought about it. I think I focused on that just so I wouldn’t have to focus on anything else…mainly how this is the first holiday without my Uncle Larry. I missed his laugh. There was a lot of crying to say the least…

By the time everyone was heading home after games, I was hugging and saying goodbye to my great Grandma Cooper, she asked me how long I would be over in Kuwait. I told her there to five years…she said “Oh dear I won’t be around when you come back. I’m turning 93 next week.” It broke my heart. I didn’t know what to say so I just word vomited something along there lines of, “You strong, of course you will be around.”

It’s defiantly not how I wanted to leave Thanksgiving.


I spent a lot of time in the woods, hunting and trying to clear my head. And my heart I suppose. Both have been really heavy as of late. I’m so excited and nervous about leaving…but I’m scared too. What if it doesn’t work out, what if no one will hire me, what if the plane explodes, what if Clover dies in the plane, what if I don’t make any friends, what if I totally lose my shit over something stupid? Say like nutmeg.

Fact: Meshari could not find nutmeg for his sweet potato pie. Just couldn’t find it. I said I’ll be sure to pack some so I can make apple pie and crisps when I come over. I did a little google search. Nutmeg is banned because some believe it is haram. From one of the articles I read “Taken in high doses, nutmeg can be quite intoxicating.”

Should I bring some in anyway and hope they don’t think I’m a nutmeg dealer? I just want to make apple pie! Yet, I know I should respect their beliefs, however…I just wouldn’t offer them pie.

Anyway Venus was beautiful last night.





18 Nov

When Meshari and I got our first apartment together it was really odd to call it home. We were still both in our undergrad and it was ours. I never thought that my first home would ever be called anything different, but because the apartment, after a few months of living there became “home”, my parents house became know as “Home-home”.

There is nothing quiet like it. The smells, sounds, the constant buzz of movement. Something is always happening. This includes the early am,  Mom could be watching a movie, Daddy could be smoking some bacon wrapped XYZ, Corey could just be coming home from any number of things. Yet, home is really going during White-tail season.  There is always excitement, coffee, hunter stories, predictions of weather, bitching, coffee, more excitement, missing socks, more bitching, smiles, laughter and…of course blood, guts, meat, bone and fur.

As far back as I can remember my family was a hunter family. I learned very early and very quickly that guns are tools not toys. They are made to kill. I believe I was six or seven when I fired my first gun. I don’t remember what it was…some kind of shot gun. Either way my sister and I were both going to shoot but because I was the oldest (by three minutes) I was the lucky one to go first. I had watched my brother, mom , dad and our close family friend Rob shoot so I figured, it wasn’t doing to be that bad. I might miss, but it was my first time. Again…I learned very quickly, guns kick when you squeeze the trigger. For a seven year old, it felt like a body builder punched me in the shoulder. I cried, even though I hit the target, I cried and cried. Needless to say my sister didn’t want to shoot after that.

Anyway, yesterday was opening day of shotgun. The season lasts till December…21st? Somewhere around there. It’s roughly a month give or take, not a lot of time. This is going to be my last season for a while and really wanted to pull my weight. My goal is to do better than last season. I am off to a good start. I took my first doe of the season during the first evening hunt. She was about 80 yards out, a little more than 3/4 turned away from me. One shot. She went 15 yards and was down.


She is now a bunch of back straps, tender loins and a ton of burger. We were going to make hot italian sausage out of her but we wanted to have another deer so we wouldn’t have to do all the mixing twice. It’s just much easier to do it all at once, but alas a second deer was not in our sights this evening. We could of killed anything out there if we wanted, but was have rules we follow with all most of the hunters in our area. Population control if you will. Eight points and outside the ears, this allows the younger bucks to grow. No button bucks. These are yearling bucks, normally they are bigger than your average doe, but you really don’t want to kill a young buck.

At this point, we also weigh all our deer. And if you kill something that is under 100lbs, be prepared to be harassed.

Ohhh another thing I wanted to show…I found my bullet. It looks like a spiky flower.



I’m just reflecting. I’m not going to be able to be surrounded by trees. My idea of nature is completely different from …the desert. And soon, home-home is going to be very, very far away.


56 days left….

15 Nov

The semester is rapidly coming to a close! I’m excited and nervous. Excited because I get to see Meshari again to start our new adventure together.  Nervous because I have a TON of grading to do. On top of packing…again, getting Clover all set to go, and prepping for the holidays.

It’s going by so fast.

Meshari and I have started looking at apartments. We have set a budget, and an area to be within. I have found a few places that look promising. One question I have is, there are some complexes that are for “Westerners Only” …that being said…he was raised in the West and I clearly am…so can we live there? Or because he is Kuwaiti we cannot? I’m not really sure as to why they have complexes like this.

Per-made ghettos. And I mean ghetto in the proper definition. Hmmm….



I’m avoiding work…

11 Nov



Since mid terms, everything has been going full speed ahead, but I took a few moments to avoid work to make this masterpiece. If you are in Oswego tomorrow stop on by!

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