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The Science of Lasagna

30 Aug

Firstly, before you start cooking the the noodles, make sure you have a pan to bake it in. However, the pan from the graphics work room, that has been sitting there all summer will work just fine too.

Cheese is one of the vital elements of lasagna.

I had 3 that I had chosen.





When assembling the lasagna, remember that you have three cheeses. One massive layer of REEEE-cot-TA, will not be very successful.

Lastly, cover your last layer of noodles with sauce and cheese, not just cheese. Just cheese tends to allow the noodles to dry out, which really makes you wonder why you boiled them in the first place.

 I would like to thank my test subjects Liz and Jenilee, for participating in this study.


The Semester Starts

28 Aug

Yesterday was a really long day.

I woke up in NC at 4am, packed the last bit of my things for the airport. The taxi was going to call when they were on their way, so we thought we had time. Instead he called when he pulled in. I hugged Rachel once and said that I had a great time, and I’ll see you later. I felt an instant pressure on my heart and had to hug her again.

We walked out to the taxi, he packed my things and we waved good-bye. I knew if I said anything extensive I wouldn’t be able to keep it together. However, as we are pulling away the driver asked “How ya doin’ this morning?” I couldn’t lie. I wanted to. Oh hell I wanted to. I replied “Terrible.” as I started suffocating my sobs by holding my breath. I had to explain, “I’m moving to the other side of the world and I don’t know when I’ll see her again.”

It’s like he knew me. “Would you like to stop and get some coffee? Will that help?” I laughed and said “I already had some, thank you.” Then the three main questions that always seem to pop up, and it’s always this order.

Where are you moving to? Kuwait.

Oh is your husband in the service. No, he is not.

Do you have to wear that head thing? No, I do not have to wear “the head thing”.

Each question gets more of an answer, it just depends on who is asking, how they ask and how much time I have to explain.  I’ll get to that later, I suppose.

I’m flying back to “the real world”, prepping for my class in my head. I find my car, front is flat as all hell. Fantastic. Parking cost $94.00, I’m thinking I should of “lost” the ticket. But who knows how much that would of cost. Highway robbery. My muffler was still hanging low and really loud, yay.

I headed straight to campus because I needed the rest of my research books and access to printers. I felt guilty not going to see Clover first, but I knew if I went to the apartment, a nap would surely happen. I think it was a mixture of everything, compounded. Leaving Rachel so early in the morning, the stress of the first days of class, my car being…my car, seeing, Meshari’s picture on my desktop and the one of us at my MAT graduation. What made it even more…overwhelming was when I saw people I really, really care about. I just kept thinking “this is the beginning of good-bye.” I was just trying to hold it together. As you know I had 24 first impressions to make and being a teary eyed sobbing mess was not the one I needed them to see.

It was a good class. Two faces I already know, everyone else is brand spankin’ new, so I’m excited to find who they are and what they come up with. I’m just curious how being in the oven of a room from 6-9pm is going to effect them.

On my way home was a relief. My day was finally winding down…or so I thought till I remembered all the boxes on my bed. And Clover. She was so mad at me when I came in. “Where the hell have you been mom!?” She cuddled with me a little while I skyped with Cala, while also working on some ads. Mulit-tasking at its finest.

And that was the very start of my semester.

Visits End.

25 Aug

It has been an adventurous ten days. I am really thankful for it too.

Rachel and I went out on a paddle boat and we saw three alligators! The young lady running the shop said how there were only six or seven in the lake. Rachel spotted the first, it was a baby too. I’d say it was about two feet long. The next one was also a baby, similar size. The last however was HUGE!

This is the first guy!

This is the first guy!

I was so excited to see them! Normally when you see them at the zoo they are extremely comatose. The first dude saw us coming and got nervous and started swimming away. It was really cool to see him being active.  We also saw a ton…literally if you took all the turtles we saw and put them in a bucket, it would weigh a ton. They were yellow belly sliders for those interested.

We went to many different places, saw many things and learned so much! Haunted pub crawl, Angel oak, the gardens, all the different spiders here, the beaches, aquarium and just meeting so many new people . It really makes me look forward to exploring Kuwait. Meeting new people, figuring out a new language and customs.


I believe this trip has made the transition of Meshari leaving much easier. I was too focused on the newness of the place to think, 5 months…5 more months…and now I’m thinking about it! Ugh, blast you silly mind. And now with the start of the semester tomorrow, I can distract myself with work I suppose. We will see.

*sip* Nom nomnom

23 Aug

In Kuwait alcohol is forbidden, against the law, what have you. However their food is fucking fantastic. After my first trip over I was craving the hummus, bread, fish, rice, the juices, and pretty much everything. 

Before Meshari left I told him…”I know I am going to be so jealous when you tell me about all the awesome food you are eating, while I’m here eating crap for crap.” He retorted with “Well you still get to drink for the next 5 months.” Ahhh yes I do. Another thing I have over him is chicken wings. They don’t make them in Kuwait. None that we have found yet. (Great business opportunity? I think so!) 

Now whenever Meshari talks about anything about what awesome food he just had, I send him pictures of booze and chicken wings. 

I think we are pretty even.

PS. Slice of Life in NC has the best wings I have ever had. That is a big deal, I can tell you.

“See you later…”

22 Aug

We made $865.25 at the moving sale. It was sad to see everything go at first but then after the hours tolled on I started thinking. Everything that isn’t sold I have to repack again. At that point it was a whole lot easier seeing things go. That being said Meshari and I are officially moved out, I am officially moved into my new place. (My glorified closet.)

We had a really nice lunch with the family to say “Good-bye” to Meshari. Lasagna! Ohhhh yeah its that good.  Peter and Akina stopped by as well. Watching Meshari hug Peter and watch him leave was really hard.

We both packed our bags, stayed at Karen’s in Syracuse. My flight was at 6am so it was for the best. We hugged and kissed and I said “see you later…” I was fighting back tears the whole time. I hated it.

I flew, landed, flew and landed. Rachel had me meet her boyfriend Jake. We had lunch right off the get go. That has been a huge relief. She has been keeping my mind off of him being on the other side of the planet. We have been to the beach, gardens, all sorts of awesome restaurants, her mom visited yesterday which was awesome. We all talked about Breaking Bad, holy asas;ljpasd7o93.askndliahsf!!! O.O

Anyway I have been designing a little and working on  my classes before that starts up. I’m wondering how my schedule is going to change and how that will affect contact with Meshari.

We will see.

I need to start updating this daily…too much happens in a day.